Paperback available on Amazon…

The paperback version of ‘Friendship, Love and Sangria’ is now available on Amazon!

image of book coverI hadn’t planned on releasing the sequel to ‘Friendship, Love and Apple Tea‘ as a paperback through Amazon for another month yet as it has been available to purchase direct from me since mid-June.  I love sending them straight to readers as it means I can sign them if asked, and I personally post every copy.  But, although I’ve shared the website link and let people know, I’ve still been inundated with emails and messages asking when it’s out on Amazon.  So, here it is…  Continue reading “Paperback available on Amazon…”


Using the iPhone for ‘writery’ stuff…

It’s ten years since we first met the iPhone. Wait… what? Wow, that time has zoomed by. Those that know me well are very aware that I’m an Apple fan, a total geek, a lover of all their products and devices. Yes, much to the annoyance of my Android friends, and Windows fans, (who think that Apple products are overpriced and over-hyped, blah de blah de blah…) I stay loyal to the brand and continue to be one of those weird people that can’t walk past the Apple shop without being pulled in by some subconscious force to play with all the goodies, blinded by the beauty… Continue reading “Using the iPhone for ‘writery’ stuff…”

‘Please look after this bear…’

Confession Time… Teddy Bears.  Yes, I’m admitting here on my blog that I love them and always have.  Just can’t help myself.  I’m the one that coos at a bear I pass in a shop, just like others may at newborn babies.  My own bear came to my wedding dressed in the same waistcoat and bow tie as the other ushers.  He celebrates his birthday each year and used to have a cake made by my mother (who, for some reason, has stopped… RUDE!)  Whilst my friends favoured their Tiny Tears dolls, Sindys and Barbies, I had my bears.  Dolls did not make me ooh and ahh, or chat or dance about.  I’m of the same opinon as the  late actor and writer Peter Bull who once said,  “Dolls stay where they are put all day long wondering what they will wear next.”  How boring to be a doll. Continue reading “‘Please look after this bear…’”

The photos behind the story…

image of book cover ‘Friendship, Love and Sangria’ has only been out four days as an e-book but the first reviews are already in, which is amazing!  Thank you, thank you, thank you…
Reviews are so valuable for an author, whether good or ‘developmental’ (you can tell I’m a trainer…), and can truly make all the difference. Plus, I’m always touched that someone has actually gone out of their way and spent their time and effort to talk about my book.  It’s the same when readers email me, or message me on Facebook. I appreciate it so much. Whatever form of communication it can often be the only way a writer knows if what we do is working or if we should do things differently. So, thank you… Continue reading “The photos behind the story…”

It’s out!!!

image of book coverSo, ‘Friendship, Love and Sangria’ is out!  Yes, after months of writing, writing, writing, it’s finally out for pre-order and released tomorrow on two e-readers – Kindle and iBooks. Both are available as a pre-order. More formats to follow, including the paperback which readers will be able to buy directly from me and then from Amazon a couple of weeks later. Should be available within 2 weeks. Continue reading “It’s out!!!”

Title [Tick] Book cover [Tick] Blurb [Tick]… all set for release early June!

So, the day is nearly here!  The sequel to my first novel is due for release early June and sees the return of Lou Granger, wanting to be back in Marmaris but finding herself in sunny Spain.

‘Friendship, Love and Sangria’… here’s the blurb:   Continue reading “Title [Tick] Book cover [Tick] Blurb [Tick]… all set for release early June!”

Food, food and more food…

Image of book cover Friendship Love and Apple TeaSo, I was sitting there writing my sequel to ‘Friendship, Love and Apple Tea‘ earlier and noticed my stomach rumbling… and rumbling… and rumbling… and I realised something…I seem to write a lot about food.  And I mean a lot!  Then I realised that  I also think about food a lot.  And I read about it too and watch many cookery shows and… well, I guess it’s one of my passions in life.  When finances allow, I coerce the rest of my family to eat out with me,  rarely choosing standard British food but preferring instead either  a) Turkish  b) Persian/Iranian  c) Spanish  or d) French.  The same type of cuisine I cook most, if not every, day at home. Continue reading “Food, food and more food…”