Hangin’ with the Vamps, cos I’m down with the kids…

Yes, I’m middle-aged.  I often need a nap in the afternoon, I have a lot of grey hairs (more than home hair-colouring can fix…), I forget where I put the hand towel when I come out of the bathroom and then realise it’s wrapped around my head, I lose my sunglasses then realise I’m wearing them, I get excited about ordering seeds for the garden each year… and don’t even start on what happens if I sneeze suddenly.

But, I can still get down with the kids, or ‘wit the kidz, innit’… ‘cos I’m well trendy, know wot I mean?  Sorry, I’ll stop trying to talk like young folk, as I haven’t got a clue what I’m talking about.

The Vamps
Hangin wit the Vamps, innit…

Here’s proof that I am young at heart – went to the Genting Arena on Saturday in Birmingham, and was lucky enough to meet the Vamps and get a photo.  It was a Xmas pressie for our daughter who rather likes Brad and would like to have a date, sorry, ‘hang owt wit him’.  Yes, I think my husband might have blown it for her by giving Brad a piggy back, but we got a bit over excited… mind you, as you’ll see, Connor has his hand on my shoulder which means we’re virtually related, he just doesn’t know it yet.

The Vamps were fantastic – so much energy and effort, great musicians and entertainers –  had the best time.  Thanks guys, you made our daughter’s year/life!  Good luck with the rest of the tour.  I wanted to bring a book for each of your mums but thought it might embarrass our daughter too much.  If I’d have known about the piggy back, it may not have been too much of a problem…

If you get a chance, folks, go and see them.  You won’t be disappointed.




Author: Penny

Born in South Northamptonshire, UK and still lives there along with my husband, daughter and several furry friends. I'm a writer or romantic comedy novels and have also written comedy scripts, which have been performed locally, and am a co-writer on a radio sitcom called 'Babz and Irene'.

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